Drawstring Lint Pouch YG1469
Drawstring Lint Pouch
Drawstring Lint Pouch
Drawstring Lint Pouch
Drawstring Lint Pouch
Drawstring Lint Pouch
Drawstring Lint Pouch
Drawstring Lint Pouch
Drawstring Lint Pouch
Drawstring Lint Pouch
Drawstring Lint Pouch
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  • Price Idea $0.71 - $0.57 200 Pieces (Min. Order) We Ship To United states Free Imprint
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Staying In Front Closes Deals
Keeping your company logo and name in front of clients is easy with the Drawstring Lint Pouch. Featuring soft, drawstring closure and uses such as carrying phone will ensure your marketing message is continually seen, thereby boosting your residual marketing.

Product Detail

Product Size: 0 x 0 x 0 cm
Imprint Size Screen Printing(Can be reduce or increase)
Imprint Method: 0 x 0 x 0 cm
Packing Method: Individually Poly Bag
Product Features: Soft, Drawstring Closure
Product Material: Lint

FAQ | Similar Products

  • Drawstring Lint Pouch

    Unforgettable Product Facilities

    Every customer of yours have a great privilege to make use of Drawstring Lint Pouch that is a well-loved product and equally can be a great gift item which can be used by your customers for various purpose such as carrying phone, thus makes your company a wonderful and famous brand to remember.

  • Drawstring Lint Pouch

    A Promotional Item With Punch

    A Drawstring Lint Pouch is a promotional item that can impact your marketing strategy. Made of lint, it will relate your brand to quality, create a positive image, and will encourage prospects to take action.

  • Drawstring Lint Pouch

    The Right Promotional Gift

    If your company is looking for the right promotional item, send the Drawstring Lint Pouch. With Mini Size size and able to be used for carrying phone, it will ensure your clients and prospects are happy with the item. This will also mean they will use it more and see your brand more often.

  • Drawstring Lint Pouch

    A Quality Constructed Message

    Give clients a Drawstring Lint Pouch and associate your company brand and name with quality. With Individually Poly Bag and coming in dimension of 0 x 0 x 0 cm with 0 x 0 x 0 cm imprint size that is done by Screen Printing method, its dependability and quality manufacturing will relate quality to your company.

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