Custom Promotional Products & Branded Giveaway Ideas in 2022

Giveaways that promote pleasant feelings in your target audience are a great way to get your message through. Surprisingly, consumers who get branded promotional products express feelings of elation, engagement in what the company has to say, and appreciation of the attention they’ve received.

This is one of the most efficient and successful ways to advertise. Custom promotional products are not only effective, but they also help to build a company’s long-term brand recognition.

Using promotional products may result in increased sales and a greater return on investment for both large and small companies. Every entrepreneur wants their firm to develop quickly while coping with the fierce competition that exists nowadays.

Marketers should be aware that many of the tried-and-true strategies are no longer effective. Customers are more likely to re-use and re-gift these things than to toss them in the trash.

A FANTASTIC FACT – Of those who own custom promotional items, 57% plan on keeping them for more than 5 years.

No matter the industry you’re in, you’ll need to make sure that people are aware of what you have to offer. Advertising may be used in a variety of ways to connect with potential customers.

Don’t forget to include branded promotional items in your marketing strategy. Trade exhibitions and other gatherings are fantastic places to hand out these goods. Custom promotional products will surely have a positive impact on your marketing efforts.

What Are The Best Reasons To Use Promotional Products In Your Business?

The Best Reasons To Use Promotional Products In Your Business

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Keeping clients loyal requires more than simply offering top-notch products and services. Clients are more inclined to prefer your business over your competitors if they get branded items of China from your company’s marketing department. Most likely, they’ll think it makes sense to continue doing business with you.

You should encourage your marketing team to come up with new concepts to improve client retention.

A PPAI consumer survey found that almost 100% of respondents are prepared to take action to acquire a promotional product.

This is why customers who have been with you for a long time may be rewarded with trendy promotional items now and then.

Better Engagement

People and connections are essential for the success of businesses. Customers who have a positive experience with your brand are more likely to spread the word about it if you build good relationships with them.

This might help you develop trust and position your company as a leader in your industry. You should always investigate the demands and preferences of your target audience. This is a surefire strategy to increase participation and collect user-generated content.

Best Marketing Tools

In addition to their effectiveness, custom promotional products are also inexpensive. You may use them for a long time since they are more cost-effective than other promotional methods. It won’t cost you a lot to create and execute a great marketing strategy. As a business card, promotional products can also be used effectively.

As far as likeability goes, more than 83% of buyers say they like promotional items.

Since technology has advanced, companies may now reach a wider audience and engage with them on a worldwide scale by using new promotional items. The goal of this exercise in brand creation is to grab the interest of the appropriate individuals and maybe persuade them to become clients. Unlike in traditional marketing, where changes need a lot of work.

60% of effective marketers in different sectors have already switched their focus from newspaper and television commercials to promotional products, keeping in mind the former’s current growth relative to the latter.

Strengthens Lead Generations

It is typical practice for business owners to experiment with a variety of different techniques to increase the number of high-quality leads generated, which in turn may boost their return on investment. In the long term, not all of these strategies may be successful in producing the desired outcomes.

The best strategy to draw in new clients is to give away presents or distribute custom promotional products. The ideal way to do business is to cultivate long-term connections with your customers.

A successful firm is usually the result of strong customer relationships. As a result, customers will be more inclined to share branded promotional items, increasing new client retention by about two or three times.

How Can You Use Custom Promotional Products Effectively in a Creative Way?

Gifts and giveaways with your company’s brand logo on them are more personalized. Emotional involvement also becomes quite subjective in this case.

However, a solid connection between your product or service and your target audience is formed as a result of this emotional involvement. Promoting your brand with high-quality and also eco-friendly promotional products is a great way to create true connections and generate authentic, long-lasting leads.

Surprisingly, research also reveals that over 80% of customers trust companies that offer promotional merchandise.

Here’s how different industries can use custom promotional items in creative ways:


In education, it’s crucial to win over students, parents, and funding sources. There are several occasions & opportunities when you can utilize these educational giveaways wisely.

EDUCATION SECTOR Giveaway Opportunities

Right Before Admission

You could get noticed during admissions events. Therefore, schools offer cheap promotional items like notepads, pens, pencils etc for taking notes. To stand out, you can also provide T-shirts or other items catered to kids.

Writing tools, which are owned by about 90% of the population, are the most prevalent sort of promotional merchandise. They may generate more than 1,000 impressions.

Orientation Initiatives

The majority of schools have retention issues. Using custom branded merchandise to encourage campus involvement helps prevent transfers. Products that are enjoyable and helpful for new students are essential. ID cards and dorm accessories are two examples.

Fund-Raising Festivals

Contributions could be encouraged by offering wholesale promotional products during fundraisers or by achieving certain donation levels. A t-shirt, cap, travel tumbler, or even a combo gift set would do wonders in this aspect.

Cultural Events and Programs

Another opportunity to increase student participation with the custom promotional products is during spirit weeks. Choose swag that complements the hobbies of students with similar interests to motivate them to learn more.

Branded earbuds can indeed be given out by radio stations and marching bands. A group may hand out stress balls, keychains, or even caps.

According to the responses of the customers who were questioned, 83% of them felt that the promotional goods had a positive impact on their opinion of the brand.


One of the businesses that use wholesale promotional products the most is the construction industry. Here are exceptional & practical giveaway opportunities for the construction sector:

CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY Giveaway Opportunities


Your construction customers spend thousands. Therefore, quality corporate gifts are wise investments for them. Handing out outerwear or duffel bags shows your top clients your worth.

Signing Agreements

At contract signing, residential contractors might market their firm with homeowner-friendly things. When customers start home improvement projects, a branded tape measure or flashlight will remind them of you.

Site Workers

Thanking your employees shows you care. Using construction-themed giveaways like branded safety equipment or custom carpenter’s pencils serves the purpose.


Every market, whether it be finance, insurance, or real estate, is a distinct section that calls for a distinct marketing approach by agents and brokers in comparison to what is required for the other portions of the domestic economy.


Using custom branded giveaways that build a relationship with your clients is a perfect approach. Here, you can use these giveaway opportunities:

Summit Holdings

If you want to cultivate a sense of trust, you can procure corporate giveaways in bulk and further distribute them to clients. Engraved office equipment and leather chequebooks communicate richness and reliability.

New accounts and seminar attendees appreciate these types of custom promotional items. Banks might provide branded coffee mugs or confectionery to visitors too.

Trade Expos

Trade exhibitions are ideal for distributing creative promo items. Generally, freebie-giving booths garner more attention than others. People who aren’t interested in your company but want the gift will nevertheless promote it. Trade show bags featuring your brand may hold beverages, pens, and even brochures.

Visitors to trade shows are 50% more likely to stop by an exhibit offering freebies, and this is a proven fact.

Inspection Convention

Ice scrapers, phone holders, and tire pressure gauges are good automotive additions. Also, a customized umbrella may showcase how you safeguard clients. Offering these best selling promotional giveaways to new or current customers is an ideal investment.

Property Conferences & Forums

When clients first see one of your properties, they may require a realtor. Open houses are known to be the perfect medium to capture prospective clients while they’re thinking about real estate.

This is an amazing opportunity to market your home as well as services together with the clients. Corkscrews or personalized bottle openers make great kitchen-themed promotions. Business card supplements are another fantastic giveaway for real estate brokers.

9 out of 10 customers remember your brand name or logo through promotional merchandise. Also, two-thirds of customers searched for the brand attached to those items. So, it can bring a lot more attention to a company.


Exhibitions and other conventions in the food industry enhance understanding, creativity, connection, and exploration. These international events showcase upcoming goods and services that are industry-specific. So, here are some branding opportunities for businesses in the food services industry:

FOOD INDUSTRY Giveaway Opportunities

Restaurant Openings

For your food and beverage business to function, compete, and develop, there must always be things on display. The finest summer promotional giveaways include kitchen items, cutlery, mugs, koozies, food containers, and drinkware.

You will have no trouble acquiring the greatest sets from the promotional product suppliers on the market that offer the most competitive pricing.

Culinary Contests

Wine openers and reusable straws help companies build brand recognition. Therefore any food service provider may advertise there.

Napkin rings, placemats, mugs, and coffee blends may all be used to brand your event. Even to-go bottles and bags are acceptable as mementoes.

To top it all off, over 70%, consider promotional products to be a very successful strategy for achieving their marketing objectives.


Hospitals and hotels are highly renowned for the services they provide, which is no secret. Each of the custom branded products you may provide in this market allows for on-site branding with your company’s logo.


Offering custom promotional items results in an increase of 83 % in the likelihood of acquiring new consumers.

Below are the hospitality & healthcare industry branding opportunities:


Similar to how they are for schools, custom promotional products are a successful means of earning revenue for the healthcare and hotel industries.

It takes excellent gifts like personalized hand sanitizers, fitness products, and personal care items to convince people that contributions are worthwhile. You can reach out to the best wholesale suppliers from China to acquire products for the same.

Patients’ Care Packages

Items like cold packs, tissue packets, bandages, promotional pill box, and sanitizers may all have your logo embroidered on them, as a reminder of the excellent care you provide your patients.

Upgrade Incentives

For the hotel industry, upgrade incentives provide an extra branding opportunity. Guests in upgraded VIP rooms will get a complimentary gift basket that contains a variety of name-brand food and drinks. You may even choose a luxury beach towel set or travel bag to keep with the hospitality theme.

Health and Wellness Expos

Distribute health-related items like custom face masks, face shields, gloves, or lip balms, during a health fair to attract attendees to your booth. Everything from small exercise equipment to travel-sized first aid kits might be big sellers. A branded tablecloth would also be great for your setup.


Personalized automotive promotional items are made to make operations simpler. These tools are easy to use and include a display that can be readily held. Each tool has its own benefits and acceptability for accuracy and efficiency.

AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY Giveaway Opportunities

Automotive Expos

Promotional items for auto dealerships and symposium events that are sure to be successful include vehicle charger adapters, trunk organizers, custom air fresheners, and phone mounts. There are a variety of on-brand freebies available for mechanics, such as roadside tool sets, tire pressure gauges, and oil funnels.

70% of companies believe that automotive promotional goods are useful for marketing purposes.

Which Custom Promotional Products Should You Use in 2022?

Using products your customers would desire is the most critical stage in picking company promotions. These branded promotional products are guaranteed to make an impact and drive home your brand’s message. Here are some branded giveaway ideas that will help in making your customers happy and increase your popularity:

Custom Office Supplies

Custom Office supplies, branded promotional productsGiving away branded office supplies and related creative promo items is a fantastic marketing strategy. There are several advantages to handing away promotional ballpoint pens, folders, mugs, custom notebooks and mousepads with your company’s brand on them.

These office supplies are a highly budget-friendly way to boost customer awareness & loyalty to your company. Similarly, products like custom journals are an effective way to advertise your business’s goods and services to both current & new customers.

Instead of spending money on costly TV advertising that may not reach your target demographic, you get to decide to whom you want to send the best set of wholesale promotional products.

Check out the best custom office supplies suitable for your business!πŸ‘

Branded Bags

Branded bags giveaway ideas, custom branded productsPeople appreciate convenience, which is why promotional tote bags are so popular. Your consumers will be promoting your goods or services when they carry your bag.

Carrying and utilizing your custom-branded reusable bag acts as an endorsement, so when your customer’s families, friends, and colleagues see it, they’ll think positively of your business.

Eco-friendly promotional products, especially custom paper bags, are versatile and multifunctional. They’re often used for bringing groceries home, but they also make great shopping or workout bags. Such bags are attractive promotional materials for these reasons.

In addition, 46% of consumers had a more positive impression of businesses that produced products that were far less harmful to the environment.

People attend tradeshows and other events solely with their bags. You want your custom-branded clothing in your customers’ hands as a reminder of your firm and a mark of gratitude.

Check out the wide collection of branded bags!πŸ‘

Promotional Drinkware

promotional drinkware items, custom promotional productsWhen you use custom can koozies, you can develop a design that is unique to your firm, which will cause it to stand out from the crowd and be remembered when you use them. This is a beneficial investment since the price point is lower than that of other social media advertising.

A single piece of drinkware can create 1,400 impressions throughout its lifespan, as per Global Ad Impressions Study from ASI.

From bright tumblers to useful water bottles, branding custom promotional products is a great addition to your inbound marketing plan and a simple way to get your business started generating leads.

On the other hand, custom travel tumblers are a marketing item that is a favourite of entrepreneurs. They are a simple way to get your brand in front of your target market, increase brand awareness, and elicit a favourable response from the target audience.

Over 90% of customers have at least one piece of branded drinkware in their homes.

Check out the Promotional Drinkware Products suitable for branding!πŸ‘

Branded Apparels

Branded Apparels, Branded Giveaway Ideas, Custom Promotional ItemsBranded apparel and merchandise from China may influence every business and should be a must. Promotional t-shirts with a company logo printed on them are an excellent way to attract new customers and boost brand recognition in a certain market. Because it enhances organizational culture by fostering unity and togetherness.

Also, every kind of company may benefit greatly from using custom scarves as an effective form of marketing. Since they are available in a wide variety of designs and hues, they are an ideal choice for satisfying the needs of any commercial enterprises. Everywhere your clothes travel, news of the business will also spread.

T-shirts and polo shirts can generate an estimated 3,400 and 2,300 lifetime impressions, respectively, which is an intriguing fact to take into consideration while choosing these promotional items. (Source: Global Ad Impressions Study)

The secret to keeping your consumers coming back for more is to consistently satisfy them and provide them with a completely branded and unforgettable experience!

Check out the trending Branded Apparel suitable for branding!πŸ‘

Custom Headware

custom headware, promotional product ideas, Custom Branded ProductsWhen worn, caps have the potential to draw attention in places with a lot of foot activity. If you put your company’s logo on custom beanies with interesting designs or bright colours, people will remember your brand.

One-third of customers put on their custom trucker hats at least once every week.

Such summer promotional giveaways completely meet all company needs since they are available in a variety of designs and colours. Also, custom patch hats are a fantastic approach to increasing staff engagement and appreciation. Your staff members will feel happy to represent the company they work for after you provide them with promotional headwear.

Moreover, It is an excellent strategy for reaching a large number of customers since 69% of consumers already own promotional headwear.

Check out the top-quality Custom Headware for your business!πŸ‘

The Bottom Line

If you decide to include custom promotional products in your plan, your marketing strategy possibilities are almost endless. You have the choice of choosing a product that people will often utilize.

Additionally, you have the option of picking humorous, new promotional products that people would not often think to buy for themselves. Also, this way you can express gratitudeΒ to your most committed consumers.

The majority of companies, over 70%, consider promotional products to be a very successful strategy for achieving their marketing objectives.

You might provide one-of-a-kind presents to your employees throughout the holiday season, or other noteworthy occasions, festivals, or corporate events. These branded giveaway ideas are a suitable answer to any dilemma and need that can be sought via investing in promotional items.

For over 7 years, David Chen has been working with PapaChina as a Promotional Product Expert & Business Development Manager. He can also be credited with his contribution to writing unique, informative & impelling news stories about Promotional Products Industry. He holds a master's in Business Management from the University of Edinburgh and currently resides in China.
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