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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a quote?  It's easy! View the product you like, click “Enquiry & Quote Now” and we'll prepare a custom quote for you right away at no cost.

I saw a product that I like on another Web site; can I get it from PapaChina?  We offer so many different products and can’t put them all on our web site! If you have seen a product elsewhere, contact us with the product picture and quantity needed and we’ll provide you with a full quote.

Can we create a newly-develop product?  If you have a product concept or idea, we can make it. Contact us, providing the product details such as a picture or drawing, qty needed and specification details. We will provide you with official price quotation.

Ordering from the site is very easy. Click on the product you wish to order, make enquiry, we provide you with price quote, after you are happy with our price, you can move forward with your order.

What if I need my order quickly? We can meet most event dates if it is less than two weeks away. Make sure you specify the event date when ordering and we will rush your order at no extra cost. If we can't meet your deadline, we will notify you within 24hrs and process your refund immediately.

Can I trust you?  If any customer is unhappy with their order, we fix the problem – either re-issuing or refunding the order. We work with PayPal, which gives you peace of mind – they process all orders so if we fail to deliver, you can file a chargeback.



What are the order payment options?  

A) PayPal (Includes Credit Card) –  This secure method gives you the most peace of mind and you may use your existing PayPal account or credit card, We don't collect your card details, PayPal does and keeps it secure. You have the right to charge back if we fail to deliver.

B) Wire Bank Transfer -  You can set up a wire bank transfer from your bank to our world standard HSBC Corporate Account. We mostly recommend this method for large orders (above USD3,000) due to high PayPal fees. We always include banking details on your order confirmation. If you wish to use PayPal, we can accept this, but you will be responsible for the transaction fee, which is around 3-4% value of the total order.

C) Western Union -  You may also use this method by visiting a WU depot anywhere in your country and transfer the funds to us. Once you place your order online, we will include our Western Union details in the order confirmation.


What happens after I place my order?  Immediately after placing your order, we send an e-mail order confirmation,. Next, we start order production. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction so we will keep you informed as to your order status throughout the process and will send you a shipping information sheet including your tracking numbers once dispatched.

When can I expect delivery of my order?  Most Express orders are delivered within 2-3 weeks; economy takes 5-7 weeks or more depending on distance to your seaport. For urgent orders, we do our best to deliver in time for your requested event date and keep you updated during production. If you have any questions, please email us at the address on the order confirmation. We aim to respond within 10 minutes to all email correspondence.

What if I receive my order and I'm not happy? Is there a guarantee?  We do everything possible to prevent and rectify mistakes. Before we begin production, you must sign off on the pre-production proof. We guarantee to ship your order exactly as approved by these proofs and that it will arrive on time and error-free. Sometimes, there may be errors. If so, on receipt of your complaint, we examine your proofs and replace either the bad ones or the entire order, or we arrange a refund of the bad ones. 99.9% of customers who complain are happy with one of these two options


Can I order a sample before placing an order?  Yes you can

Sample Process : To order a product sample, is easy, first make enquiry for the product and we will provide you with the bulk price quote and if you are happy with the price, then you can order and pay for the sample, Also, note that you will still need to still pay a shipping fee


Can I ship with my own FedEx or DHL or UPS or TNT account number?  No problem! Just select China & HK as delivery method. When you get to the checkout page, or when you finish placing your order, enter your shipping account on the order instruction box. Reply to the order confirmation that you wish to ship using your account number and provide the number. Make sure your delivery address is the same as that on the shipping account. DHL, FedEx or UPS will NOT ship to a different address. 95% of the time, you may be the one to request a shipping company to come to our office to pick up the shipment. In this case, we will provide you with our full address and pick up date once the order is ready.

Are there any extra hidden charges?  No. What you see on the price quotation we send you is what you will pay. This includes product cost with shipping to your country or free delivery to your China & HK agent (excluding any export fees).

Do I have to pay sales tax?  You may need to pay local tax upon shipment to your country. Contact your local tax office to get more information or check

Can I order less than the minimum quantity listed on the website?  ? We try to offer you the lowest possible quantity. If you need less than the minimum, please use the “Make Enquiry” for that product to make your request. We will do our best to honor your request, but cannot guarantee it.

Do we accept mixed orders?  Yes. We can mix different kinds of products in one order.

Is there discount for large quantities?  Yes! The higher the quantity ordered, the lower the price per piece as shown in price table. If you wish to discuss further discount because you want to order even greater quantities, click “Make Enquiry”, let us know the price offer and qty. We will review and get back to you.

Can i get re-seller discount price before placing my order? Yes you can, If you are a furniture distributor or re-selling the product, you will need to register as a re-seller.

What is a re-seller discount account?  Since we have direct factory prices, we offer discount to those who re-sell our products locally. To accept you as a re-seller, we must verify that you are re-selling the product and not using it for your company. We classify furniture distributors.

What do i get as a re-seller?  Once approved by our re-seller department, you will be entitled to the following;

  • A free, mobile friendly website
  • Access to over 10,000 promotional items
  • The option to add your profit margin to website price. i.e. 50%, 100%
  • We handle the production
  • We handle shipping and can drop ship to your customers or directly to you
  • E-catalog and PDF catalog branded with you logo
  • Professional admin portal to monitor orders, quote requests, price calculator and more

How do i apply to be a re-seller?  Click on (Be A Re-Seller) banner. Kindly note that if you are not re-selling the furniture and want to use them for your own company or are not in the furniture industry, your application will be declined.

Can i get re-seller discount price before placing order online?  If you are a furniture distributor and re-selling the product, you will need to register as a re-seller. Once we have reviewed and approved your application, visit re-seller admin portal, you will be able to get discount.

Can you brand my furniture with our logo or company color ? Yes we can, this may come with extra cost, but yes, we can make any furniture in your own company color and if you want, brand them with your logo.

How do I get in touch with someone if I have a problem with my order?  Once you make enquiry online, an account manager handles the process, including any complaints you might have. If you feel you are not getting a satisfactory response, kindly email with your order # and complaint details. We will then review it.

My order arrived and the products are damaged - what do I do?  You are protected by our guarantees so don’t worry. At the time of dispatch, our checking procedures ensure your products are in good condition. Should your order arrive in a damaged state, then it was likely caused during transit. If this happens, remove the damaged units and we will arrange a refund for them or replace at no extra cost.

What if I receive more or less than I ordered?  We strive to ship you the exact quantity you order. However, due to occasional variations in the identification process, an under run of an order quantity may occur. We will arrange a refund against the fewer number of units or send more at no cost to you.

Can I order a sample before placing an order? Yes you can

Sample Process:  To order a product sample, is easy, first make enquiry for the product and we will provide you with the bulk price quote and if you are happy with the price, then you can order and pay for the sample, Also, note that you will still need to still pay a shipping fee.

Can I ship my order internationally?  Yes, we can ship to any country in the world. we ship by air and we can also ship by sea, to any sea port in the world

We go to great lengths to ensure production is 100% error free; quality control is a constant focus. Our items are top quality because we have a highly-skilled Quality Control department. We find errors in between 0.5% and 1% of cases. However, we take full responsibility in these instances and go above and beyond for our customers in putting things right.

Where is PapaChina located? And can I visit?  Absolutely! Just contact us and we’d be happy to arrange a time for you to visit. We are located in the BLDG 23.JinBi Industrial Park, HuangTian, XiXiang, BaoAn District, Shenzhen-Guangdong, China-518126.

What do I do if the online order or inquiry system or contact us is not working?  Please email and we will get back to you right away.

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