Top 10 Best Green Promotional Items

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  1. Water Powered Alarm Clocks
  2. Bamboo USB Flash Drive
  3. Recycled Water Bottles
  4. Recycled Pens
  5. Eco Friendly Lanyards
  6. Eco Friendly Key chains
  7. Eco Friendly Tote Bags
  8. Eco Friendly Apparels
  9. Solar Calculators
  10. Organic Cotton Caps

As our environment is degrading unnatural and un-earth friendly products we use in our daily life, we have to pay attention on Eco Friendly products by implementing them in our every usage.

Do you know why should use best Promotional Items for marketing?

When promoting any brand many marketers tend to go the cheap way by selecting un-earth friendly products. I’m not saying cost cutting is not good for any marketing strategy, but, by implementing these Eco friendly products improves our brand identity and helps save earth. Also, using recycled products help conserves natural resources with which we can cutback pollution.

Top 10 Green Promotional Products we can use to save our earth

Water Powered Alarm Clocks

We knew about Alarm Clocks, but what if we use these clocks without battery. Yes, these are water powered alarm clocks which runs purely based on water energy. Gift your loved ones these Eco-friendly water powered alarm clocks.

Bamboo USB Flash Drive

In universities and schools we use so much paper for presentations, exams, print-outs, graphs as these are very common in such type of institutions, after they use it, it will be at waste. We can cut these up to some instant by going digital with these Promotional Bamboo USB Flash Drives.

Recycled Water Bottles

Water bottles are very famous for promotional marketing; they can be used as a medium for many promotional giveaways. But these bottles are just thrown away after use. Here comes the goodness of Promotional Recycled Water Bottles, as these recycled water bottles are made from recycled products and in return can be used for other proposes.

Recycled Pens

Pens are a great way to promote your brand, and recycled Eco friendly pens are a perfect way to tell you are going green at marketing your brand.

These promotional recycled pens are made from recycled paper with which they do not do any harm to our nature, and can help students understand environmental issues at their early stages.

Eco Friendly Lanyards

From corporate to small medium companies, everybody use lanyards to show off their identity. With Eco friendly lanyards you can presume you employees to save earth by using these custom Eco friendly lanyards.

Eco Friendly Key chains

Since auto industry is growing at large everybody has to have a key chain for them, with this we know that how much sustained is there with these key chains for business promoters. These Eco friendly key chains are made of off recycled products hence can be used for promotional business.

Eco Friendly Tote Bags

Women love having tote bags, as they are long and look trendy when worn. They are made with recycled material and there will be no harm to earth when using these Eco friendly tote bags.

Eco Friendly Apparels

Have you ever heard Eco friendly apparels? If not, yes there are Eco friendly apparels also in our green promotional products list. As per the news sales of Promotional Eco friendly apparels are increasing year by year.

Solar Calculators

Solar powered calculators are very much famous for green promotional products, these calculators work by absorbing solar power and can be used as long as the sun rises. These are best to give to the school students.

Organic Cotton Caps

Organic Cotton Caps are made from pure organic material which derives from cotton, we know how cotton helps our body during hot weather conditions. These eco friendly caps are best green products for promotional marketing.

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