Summer Promotional Product Ideas for 2024 that are Classic and Timeless

Summer is a time for outdoor activities, pool parties, beach festivals, and, of course, promotions! With warm weather and long days, this season is an ideal time for businesses to engage with their customers and drive sales. And summer promotional merchandise is the best way to let customers interact with your brand and know your brand value.

With so many different options available for summer promotional giveaways, it can be overwhelming to choose the right fit for your business. And that is why we bring you some amazing summer promotional product ideas for 2024 that will make life easier throughout the season and will associate your brand with a positive and memorable experience.

Whether you are planning for springtime giveaways, wanting to host a summer event, running a seasonal sale, or just looking for ways to attract more clients, procuring summer promo products in bulk can be a successful strategy to spread the word about your business.

Top-Most Summer Promotional Items for 2024

Promotional products have been an effective form of advertising for all age groups throughout generations. By imprinting a brand name, or logo, you can make the most of the season and stand out from the crowd. Here, find out the best new promotional items for summer and make your summer promotions a success!

Drinkware Makes an Ideal Gift Option

Although hydration is so important at this time of year, and ecologically friendly water bottle that comes in a variety of colours and is useful during the summer is a great promotional offering.

Drinkware, for instance, promotional aluminum bottles, that keeps beverages cold is always useful, therefore the recipients will be grateful for this summer swag idea.

Sports sippers and custom travel tumblers are classics for any corporate gift or giveaway idea, and they’re even better for summer.

Moreover, customers use promotional drinkware upto 2-3 times a week on average.

These goods will be a distinctive way to represent your business while savoring summer, with a choice of vivid hues obtainable.

Quench Your Thirst First, Summer Promotional items 2022

Beat The Summer Heat

Custom sunglasses are an excellent investment this summer since they filter dangerous UV rays and protect eyes from inflammation.

Furthermore, donning excellent quality eyeglasses or sunglasses can protect eyes from germs and bacteria too. You can make a major brand statement considering sunglasses and summers go hand-in-hand.

A huge outdoor umbrella for a lawn or a car sunshade for a vehicle may provide a lot of shade. Furthermore, because the custom umbrellas and sunshades suppress UV radiation, it seems cooler in the shadow. These items are ideal for highlighting and exposing your company’s identity to the public.

Beat The Summer Heat, Summer Promotional Products 2022

Apart from these, wet wipes and custom sweatbands are ideal for everyone. They can be customized based on the contents and aroma and can be developed & made for a variety of purposes.

Summer Promo Apparel Essentials

Using promotional products encourages customers to engage with every brand.

Brand recall is highest for summer promotional items, with 85% of people remembering the advertiser.

These include the basics from plain t-shirts to traditional scarves. Scarves are fashionable accessories, used to dress up employees’ attire, keep them warm, and benefit the company. It’s a terrific good conversation starter for them to wear outside of work with a business scarf.

Giving your staff custom scarves provides them with a sense of connection and solidarity. Moreover, throughout the spring season, personalized scarves make excellent keepsakes.

Alternatively, 47% of customers keep promotional t-shirts for 2 years and even longer.

Summer Promo Apparel Essentials

Personalizing both t-shirts and polo shirts is also a wonderful way to develop a strong emotional connection with the brand. It brings together all types of targeted clients, strengthening their spirit and devotion to your company’s goals.

Wearing custom polo shirts of the same colour or design unites the team, but the outfit will seem more official with the logo and business specifications on it.

Add-Ons For A Better Brand Value

The perks of wearing a protective sun visor are not limited to the car; they are frequently worn to ward off a brand quotient as well. You can offer printed caps and custom straw hats to increase brand engagement and awareness.

However, out of the lot, only 63% keep promotional hats, going by their appeal.

The fundamental goal of anybody who distributes branded promotional products is to attract and develop brand appeal among customers. Receiving promotional products, like for example, custom baseball caps benefits customers since it fulfils the value proposition function for major organizations.

Add On With Your Clothes On, Summer Promotional Product Ideas for 2022

Vital Summer Promo Tools For Outdoor Fun

Furthermore, branding on promotional summer products is considered effective in developing loyalty between businesses and their clients and consumers. You’ll let your target group find you based on your brand’s perceived attraction.

88% of those who get promotional products recall the marketer’s brand & 85% indulge in doing business with them.

For instance, products like custom hand fans, bottle openers, and koozies, are a way of giving your company the exposure it requires. Investing in these items will provide you with long-term advantages and revenue. It will boost your company’s sales margins while also resulting in a higher return on investment.

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Vital Promo Tools For Outdoor Fun,

Basic Summer Promo Essentials to Ease Travel

Out of all the promotional bag options available, custom drawstring bags and tote bags are perhaps the most desired promotional giveaways.

They are great outdoor bags that can hold all summer essentials and also work as a wonderful advertising tool. This will grab a lot of attention & persuade people to buy your brand.

Investing in a non-woven tote bag will make it more durable and, as a result, more environmentally sustainable, ensuring you maintain your social and environmental impact. From a business point of view, these bags are procured by all mothers and students.

Statistically, 84% of baby boomers in today’s time, possess a promotional tote bag.

Basic Promo Essentials to Ease Your Travel

Procuring such bags, customized with your names, ensures you maintain your social & environmental impact.

As per current statistics, 31% of customers own a promotional bag nowadays.

Magnify Brand Reach At The Beach

Swimming and tanning are part of a beach excursion. As a result, everyone will appreciate the soft, absorbent complementary spring break promotional gifts for 2024.

A vast range of printed Beach items is ideal for all summer promotions. From beach balls to sunglasses, all these lovely beach promotional items are easy to customize and imprint with varied brand names and logos.

Customizing footwear, like for example, personalized flip flops for the beach, will enunciate business contributions and unfold new opportunities to accelerate sales. It will instantly help to inculcate brand awareness.

General statistics reveal that there has been a rise in the global footwear market size from 2020 to 2027. The worldwide footwear industry will grow to over 530.3 billion US dollars by 2027.

Enjoy Your Time To Soak At The Beach

Apart from flip flops, custom beach towels for the body, promotional cooler bags to enjoy varied drinks, and foodstuffs & sunscreens for the face, are the best beach promotional items to strengthen any brand image and generate goodwill.

Power Up Every Business & Promotional Need

When you are searching for the best summer promotional gifts, speakers, chargers, custom power banks, and power fans make a perfect option.

They are effective in boosting user engagement and capturing attention and publicity. These imprinted summer promotional items are most salutary to spread brand mindfulness and incite brand identification too.

Promotional power banks act exactly like business cards and place the brand in the mindset of consumers with a confident impression. Giving them away is the foundation of a balanced commitment to customer-friendly branding.

Moreover, the growth of smartphone subscribers globally already exceeds 6 billion and will increase by 700 million in the next years. It would be a productive branding if these things are utilized to sell any brand.


Custom Bluetooth speakers have a lot of advantages for travelling to carry them wherever you want. These branded products, of course, would be efficient and successful in increasing user interaction and attracting maximum attention.

Both promotional wireless chargers and power fans are portable and most importantly are battery operated. They generate a buzz in terms of brand management. Once personalized with your company’s fundamentals, they help to gain a lot of consumer awareness.

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Flaunt Your Style In 2024

The summer season and longer days have a positive effect on people’s moods and stress levels. You may link your business by using seasonal stuff like summer-themed promos. This is sure to make people happy by branding your items for summer giveaways.

There’s a wide range of everyday summer promotional items available, all of which may be customized with your company logo, unique selling proposition, & contact info.

Honestly, there are a lot of promotional products that can be categorized as per preferences & requirements. If you wish to understand and find out more in-depth, read along with our blog on promotional product trends for 2024.

For over 7 years, David Chen has been working with PapaChina as a Promotional Product Expert & Business Development Manager. He can also be credited with his contribution to writing unique, informative & impelling news stories about Promotional Products Industry. He holds a master's in Business Management from the University of Edinburgh and currently resides in China.
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