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There are a lot of companies who invest their time and energy in developing new ideas. They spend hours to estimate an ideal plan for their products and services before letting it out in the market. You will do the same! first plan and then start the action.


Marketing is what you say, how you say, to whom you say, why you say, and when you say. It is a way to introduce your brand to the world. Marketing and branding work together. Both concepts seem ineffective without each other. Where marketing appears tactful, branding seems strategic and vice versa. This may sound simple, but it requires a lot of research and planning. To some, it means selling products, and to some, it is a normal ad. Basically, it is a way to plan, organize, discuss, direct and control product trading.

Currently, many platforms are being marketed for ideas. Companies distribute ideas via online and offline channels. Online marketing allows customers to reach you through emails, social media, search engines, and paid publicity. The offline strategy is the opposite. It includes marketing via flyers, promotional gifts, television ads or cold calls to customers. Each channel asks for proper knowledge and ability to market a good campaign, grow revenues and create leads.

The following guide reveals how marketing ways have evolved from past to present.

On-Air Marketing:
On-Air marketing has been classified by the use of voice and time. This includes print and broadcast ads. People react to such ads as they are comfortable with them but can fine-tune them for just the same reason. The emerging trends have made them time testing.

On Air Marketing

Cold-Calling Marketing:
This is a sales move to call and inform customers about different products and offers attached to it. It involves door-to-door and personal selling. This is the oldest methods that grew popular but is lost in time.

Cold Calling Marketing

Billboard Marketing:
People notice large message boards while walking or driving. Billboards and big hoardings on the roadside are put to deliver results and make a huge impact on people at one go. They are still in the running and are used as popular marketing antics.

Billboard Marketing

In the course of time, ways of marketing have grown. Taking into account the changes from the 1990s to 2019, it is enough to look back in the past.

Paid Marketing:
Paid marketing aims to target the right customers for specific products. In order to send traffic to your landing page, you have to spend some money. You can use PPC (pay per click), PPI (pay per index), or display ads to boost your results. In short, you pay for advertising space to use it. Paid marketing on online channels improves relevancy and for offline demands more investment to get the same return. Popular OTT platforms like Hotstar, SonyLIV, Zee5, and Voot have made their way into the market. Surprisingly, people are now willing to view ads if they have a reduced price plan option. You must have also noticed how brands and influencers use the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts to pull traffic. Paid marketing on social media proves cost effective and guarantees that your message reaches your target group.

paid advertisement

Search Engine Optimization(SEO):
SEO refers to search engine optimization. It raises the searchability and visibility of a website through search results. There is always a high-ranking website on top of your search results. If you use proper keywords, your site can also be at the top. Quality SEO provides user experience and brand support. This is a new age technology.

seo advertisement

Email Marketing:
E-mail is one of the convenient forms of communication for your personal and work use. With one click, you send an email and win a likely sale. It’s that simple! Using it to advertise a product or service is what signifies email marketing. Companies now realize their efficiency and are getting into this trend every day. It’s the best online channel for brands to send distinct messages to likely audience.

Email Marketing

Promotional Giveaways:
Marketers underestimate the use of promotional products in comparison to other ways of marketing. Despite being undervalued, this has grown to be a great low-cost way of marketing today. Promotional products lets people recognize and remember your brand. A small investment can bring you lifelong endless sales and favorable return on investment. Customers may not reach you quickly, but your products are sure to be in a constant view and lead to sales at a certain point. This is the ultimate aim.

Promotional giveaways
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