Breast Cancer awareness Month

Show your Support with Trendy Pink Promotional Products

October is famously recognized as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The main idea is to spread more awareness about the condition and educate women to take steps and get themselves tested for early detection. Women are regularly tossed and multi-tasked to set an equilibrium between their homework and social work. Like a true home-maker, they manage every minute aspect of their family’s well-being. But in this process, they often-times neglect their health. They are without any doubt likely to be exposed to several health circumstances as they age. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers that are quite prevalent nowadays amongst women. Monitoring health is the best way to stay fit and in lieu of this, the whole of October month is dedicated to breast cancer awareness. 

Different institutions have their varied approaches in supporting this cause. Ever since the inception of Breast Cancer Awareness concepts back in 1982 by Susan G. Komen, a pink color ribbon happens to be its patent trademark to support the cause. Many firms do an outstanding job to help raise awareness for this great cause by distributing promotional Breast Cancer Awareness giveaways during varied events that are organized for the same. Every product which is given away as a gift is in a customized pink color which serves a two-fold purpose of supporting the cause and at the same time promoting your brand name. When you look at the emotional and mental impact of this color Pink, you can see why it was selected to be the color of breast cancer awareness. It isn’t just because of this color’s feminine association, but also because in psychological aspects, this color is life-affirming and stress relieving. 

PapaChina, one of the leading wholesale suppliers in China, offers a broad variety of trending promotional products that are suitable in this category. Sometimes choosing the most dependable products for distribution purposes can be overwhelming with so many choices in hand. You need not have to worry, PapaChina has got you covered in all possible aspects. Here’s a list of best-selling wholesale pink promotional items that will surely help you follow your marketing intentions with this noble cause in October and also for your year-round promotional strategies.


Tote bags

These trendy and durable products are acquired for printing Pink ribbon in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. It marks a perfect product to spread brand awareness. PapaChina’s collection ranges in different sizes, which makes it ideal to carry them anywhere very easily.


stress ball

These products are the most suitable malleable toys which help to ease out unwanted stress and relax your palm muscles. This promotional product serves the purpose of keeping you busy and divert your mind away from unwanted tensions. Similarly, these products are perfect to support the Breast Cancer Awareness cause and keep the audience involved. 



In spite of being compact-sized, these products are the most competent ones which can be personalized to support Breast Cancer Awareness. You can use pink ribbon keychains to support the cause as well as to hold your keys securely. You can make a marvellous statement of both support and brand awareness with these keychains.


paragon pen

Paragon pen makes an attractive promotional product because they look vintage and smart all at the same time. Giving away a classic paragon pen that is imprinted with a Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon will guarantee that your message continues to reach customers for a long period.


Ceramic coffee mug

Nothing brings positive branding other than these ceramic coffee mugs paired with your brand’s imprint. You can also designate the pink ribbon symbol on these products. This way you will be advertising awareness for this noble cause every time your customers will use them. These mugs are the most desirable personalized Breast Cancer Awareness gifts which can be reused over and over again. 

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