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13 Popular Promotional Giveaways To Rule in 2020

Promotional products are a cost-effective and dependable way to give your company advantages in the business world. When it comes to formulating promotional products giveaway for various corporate events, being at par with the current trend carries a lot of importance and any product that will bear your company’s logo and name on them are sure to resonate with your target market as well. It becomes obligatory to make sure that your brand is described by whatever promotional product you promote. Instead of focusing on flashy products that will lose their predominant prevalence sooner or later, you should analyze products that depict significant drives in design, print, color, and also use.

In this post, we have included a couple of popular promotional giveaways for 2020 that will ensure that your offerings are meaningful, noticeable, and decisive.

1) Popsockets:

Popsockets are a rage this year 2020. They make a fantastic product as people enjoy them, they are easy to customize, and they are valuable. Like other products in the market, they also fill your needs. They serve as a supplementary grip, which is remarkably useful for bigger smartphones. If you invariably drop your phone or find it difficult to handle them conveniently, these popsockets settles that.

Popsocket phone stand

2) Stainless Steel Water Bottles:

These bottles are estimated to be a commanding leader for its exceptional durability and performance. Even in extreme conditions, it retains the exact temperature of your drinks for hours, whether you load it with piping hot coffee or cold water. They offer a rugged look, sealed with a leak-proof and spill-proof lid, and allows easy filling, drinking and cleaning. For gym lovers, sports fans, and office people, these products are an absolute companion to make a classic style statement in 2020.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles

3) Stainless Steel Straws:

As a result of avoiding disposable synthetic straws, the use of stainless steel straws is huge. You are sure to get the benefit of spending your money on this eco-friendly reusable products. And, in case you didn’t know, these products are also rust-proof and dishwasher-safe. Apart from this, most stainless steel straws come with a cleaning brush when you purchase them which makes it comfortable to clean them effortlessly.

Stainless Steel Straws

4) Webcam Covers:

As the media become constantly consumed by security threats, people are increasingly anxious to protect their privacy. This serves to explain why webcam covers are one of the most ardent products that everybody wants to procure this year. They can be easily placed on any make or model of laptop, smartphone or tablet alike. Attempting to prevent such webcam attacks is the best way to combat somebody or malware from attempting to access your devices or personal data.

Webcam Covers

5) Pens:

If you are planning to acquire promotional pens for your business, you can raise the bar by opting for either ballpoint, novelty or stylus pens. Adding additional features to a promotional pen improves its utility and adds value to your customer’s eyes. A great choice that combines fun with function is these novelty pens. The ballpoint pens make writing simpler & friction less, and to facilitate smooth navigation across your devices, there is be no better prospect than a stylus pen.


6) Diaries:

The majority in demand for diaries is ruling this year, especially the leather ones. They had always been popular and are now heading back to demand. These diaries are light, strong and most importantly, they breathe. They are designed in such a way that proffers convenience in carrying them around. The leather diaries always render a premium feel and make it very attractive and appealing to the onlookers. If value matters to you, then these trending promotional product are sure to create a scintillating buzz this year.


7) Bags:

The main purpose of any bag is to serve as an easy carry-all, especially while running errands or during shopping. It is safe to say the current trending popular choices are tote bags and cosmetic bags. Tote bags are some of the most accomplished bags you can own and their waterproof, tear-resistant advantages are limitless and worth paying for. Also, investing in a high-quality cosmetic bag will give you a place to store your products together and protect them from damage, leaks, or spilling.

Cosmetic and Tote Bags

8) Power Banks:

Power banks are pretty much like a necessity nowadays. So the ideal power bank should be in 5,000 mAh to 10,000 mAh range. The higher the mAh, the more battery your power bank will hold and charge your devices more frequently. The outgrowth of these products has also been initiated this year considering its features such as the essential power capacity, accessibility, and higher battery conversion rates.

Power Banks

9) Bottle Openers:

Anybody wanting to blend practicality with fun won’t want to miss out on these bottle openers. Among our 2020 forecasts, these products will soon be every individual’s home bar best friend to crack open your favorite drinks. If you are a regular camper or hiking fanatic, this multi-tool is an outstanding and priceless companion. They are the most desirable products to give your brand its leading edge.

Bottle Openers

10) Flash Drives:

Flash drives are in, and there are several neater ways to use them creatively and showcase your brand. The trending OTG flash drives find an all-inclusive application in the transfer of valuable data to and from the computer as well as your smartphones more speedily and effortlessly. Amongst different types, the ones with a storage capacity of 8 GB and 16 GB have been witnessing strong growth and are anticipated to do so in the future this year.

USB Flash Drives

11) Stress Balls:

Stress balls are your quick fix when life grows too stressful and exhausting. They do a lot of things, from improving blood circulation to loosening tight muscles, to helping lead to a reduction in your stress levels. These products will always be trending and help in acquiring more profits. People thoroughly procure them and that makes these products the golden geese for 2020 as well.

Stress Balls

12) Lanyards:

Lanyards are majorly popular these days and are sure to hit the market in the future as well. They are considered a mainstay in both the academic front and work surroundings to overcome your worry about dropping or losing your things. Lanyards are trending product because people understand their application and potential in terms of style, identifying and distinguishing between who is who.


13) Tshirts:

Tshirts are the primary promotional kinds that pop up in everyone’s mind while thinking of any marketing proposition. The trend of the t-shirt has evolved remarkably during the past few years and are presumed to create a buzz this year too. Suchlike garments can be flaunted conveniently everywhere. Also, the person wearing them is bound to get noticed all the time which will further induce the onlookers to think about making their suitable purchases. Their business is growing at a rapid speed and you can take your business to the next level.

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