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Promotional Ballpoint Pens & Plastic Pens

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When it comes to promotional ballpoint pens, it all begins and ceases at their quick-drying & more extended longevity. Once you add a logo, they make a terrific tool to market your name. Be it gel-based, rollerball, metal, or executive, there are a lot of choices to choose from. Consider procuring personalized pens in bulk with your embroidered logo, to help match brand necessities. So start browsing the selection to procure promotional ballpoint pens at wholesale prices!

Creative Ballpoint Pen With Stylus
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Rubber Grip Custom Ballpoint Pen
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Custom Metal Paragon Pens

$0.9000 To $0.2700

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Prestige Curvy Transparent Ballpen
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Derby Click Action Ballpoint Pen
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Syringe Shape Ballpoint Pen

$0.2900 To $0.1100

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Twist Value Advertising Pen

$0.2900 To $0.1400

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Custom Banner Pens & Scroll Pens
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Smiling Face Custom Novelty Pens
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Stylish Retractable Ballpoint Pen
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Custom Recycled Cardboard Pen

$0.2500 To $0.0990

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Javalina Spring Stylus Pen

$0.4000 To $0.1400

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Value Twist-Action Ballpoint Pen
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Prime Spring Push Action Pen

$0.2200 To $0.1800

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Translucent Ice Grip Ball Pen

$0.5800 To $0.1100

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Slim Twist Action Pen

$0.6700 To $0.5400

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Window Message Slot Plastic Pen

$0.2700 To $0.2100

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Round Wooden Ballpoint Pen

$0.3900 To $0.3200

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Chrome Trim Retractable Ballpoint Pen
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Translucent Slim Ballpoint Pen

$0.4500 To $0.1100

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New Spring Clear Ball Pen

$0.4900 To $0.1100

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Ballpoint Stick Pen

$0.2500 To $0.0480

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Personalized Pens in Bulk

Promotional Ballpoint Pens for any Brand

Are you looking to promote your brand through promotional giveaways and corporate gifts? Promotional ballpoint pens are a great way to promote any brand and PapaChina is the perfect destination to give you tools for business promotion and marketing. It provides premium quality customized promotional gifts and branded merchandise at pocket-friendly prices. It also has a collection of personalized ink pens in bulk to promote and market a variety of businesses around the world.

Personalized Pens in Bulk for an Event or Giveaway

Statistics show that most people worldwide still use cheap ballpoint pens to carry out their writing seamlessly. Doesn’t matter, whether it is a trade show, business conference, or any other corporate occasion, custom ballpoint pens promote your business idea and are pocket-friendly giveaways to remind clients of your business. According to PPAI, 80% of individuals react instantly when they receive a promotional offer from an unfamiliar company. And thus PapaChina provides an assortment of personalized pens in bulk to promote your brand successfully.

Promotional Pens Wholesale
Custom Plastic Pens

Why use Custom Pens with Logo for Branding

Imprinting your logos or company names greatly enhances your business exposure. We provide you with custom pens with logo, that comes with an easy grip and lightweight body. You can use these pens to imprint your company logo or name. Companies often prefer logo printed ballpoint pens as promotional giveaways and corporate gifts because these are budget-friendly items that effectively deliver your marketing/promotional message to the crowd.

Reach a Larger Audience with a Wholesale Logo Pen

According to research by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), 83 % of the worldwide population still use ballpoint pens for their everyday paperwork. And if you want your business to grow, the wholesale logo pens are a smart move. With your logos and business names engraved on these pens, you can reach the hands of many. From clients to colleagues, a promotional ballpoint pen can make your brand a part of their everyday routine. The cheap personalized pens in bulk help businesses connect to a larger audience as they are convenient to carry in pockets and purses or keep at desks.

Custom Pen Gift Sets
Custom Pens

Promotional Ballpoint Pens of Many Shapes & Sizes

You can promote your business on promotional ballpoint pens with eye-grabbing features in many shapes and sizes. The custom logo pens have unique shapes and come with an array of shiny colors to suit your choice. These personalized pens in bulk have a curvy body with a rubberized grip for a better writing experience. Moreover, it has got a generous space to incorporate your message and share your business tagline.

How to use Bulk Pens with Logo

>Trending promotional products are vital tools in merchandise inventory, and Bulk pens with logos efficiently promote your brand or products. Your logo and business message are laser-engraved in these pens to make your brand name visually appealing and connect people with the brand idea. These custom banner pens strengthen your brand image by incorporating the right message that best describes the business.

Custom Novelty Pens
Custom Wooden Pens

Eco-friendly Custom Wooden Pens

Along with a collection of plastic pens, we also have eco-friendly custom wooden pens to flaunt your business name. Go Green with eco-friendly pens that are exclusively made with high-quality recycled wood to promote nature-friendliness. Corporations often prefer to display their logo or personalized company name, engraved on unique promotional items.

Bulk Custom Pens as Marketing Tools

If your business desires to reach a wider audience to promote its features and value, nothing fits better than Bulk Custom Pens. Giving away these promotional pens with logos is an effective way to give way to branding or marketing efforts. When a person uses a pen, say completes official paperwork, writes a diary, or even scribbles words on a sticky note, it constantly reminds him of the brand and its idea.

Promotional Ballpoint Pens
Personalized Pen Gift Sets

Custom Logo Pens for Business

Logo engraved ballpoint pens are versatile products and effective marketing tools. These are great to complement different office supplies such as diaries, registers, notebooks, notepads, etc. For a more impactful brand engagement you can imprint your brand name, logo or a catchy tagline on custom ballpoint pens. A variety of techniques are used to make your promotional item more appealing. Whether it is an office, a university or a grocery shop, printed logos on promotional pens highlight your business to millions of audiences and encourage them to become your client.

Personalized Pens and Journal Gift Sets

Pens and journals always come hand in hand. So, if you plan to give something affordable, useful, and meaningful to your clients or colleagues, nothing compares to personalized pens and journal gift sets. In a journal gift set, you can add highlighters and markers along with ball point pens and professional dairies or pencils and erasers with notepads.

Journal gift sets are appreciated by colleagues and clients because they feel personal.when an employee writes with a promotional ballpoint pen, it shows his loyalty and dedication to the brand. Thus gifting your clients and employees with branded promotional items encourages them to connect to the brand mission more strongly.

Custom Journal and Pen Gift Sets
Promotional Metal Pens

Unique Personalized Ink Pens in Bulk for Promotion

Although ink pens are no more in trend but, these pens still mean so much to us. Bulk personalized ink pens make your giveaway more personal and special. These are budget-friendly gifts with modern and versatile designs that instantly grab the attention of many. People love using these unique promotional pens for their daily personal work, and in turn, also get connected to the brand and its products.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a wide variety of pen styles that you can find on our platform. They include custom metal Paragon pens, curvy transparent pens, syringe-shaped ballpoint pens, smiley faces, and retractable ballpoint pens, among others. You can browse through our promotional ballpoint pens webpage to explore the range of available options.

The cost of custom plastic pens depends on different factors. The style of pens you choose and the quantity will determine the cost. However, we will like to let you know that the higher the quantity of the custom ballpoint pens, the lower the cost. We recommend that you check the webpage and select the specific pen design of your choice. Click on it to see the details of the cost of your specified quantity.

We have a team of professional designers who research different trendy designs. When you send us your request, we will ask for your company name and logo. Our designers will then customize the trendy promotional banner pens with your company name and logo. With your approval, we will produce the same customized pens and have them delivered to your preferred location.

Each pen design has its minimum order. You can place your order for the minimum quantity of your preferred pen. However, we recommend that you order pens in bulk because it is more cost-effective.
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