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The prime benefits of branded notebooks show they are easy to carry anywhere, anytime. Be it spirals, hardcovers, leatherette, and translucent notebooks, all are good options for giveaways. Procuring wholesale custom notebooks with your logo will function as a moving billboard for your brand. Start reaping the benefits of brand recognition, and get personalized notebooks in bulk imprinted with your brand names and logos today!

Translucent Notepad With Pen

$0.8300 To $0.4200

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Notebook Journal

$2.1900 To $1.1700

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Curvy Pen Noir Notebook

$2.5000 To $1.3300

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Eco Notepad With Sticky Note And Pen
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Calendar Notepad With Pen

$0.5600 To $0.4500

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Eco Kraft Cover Notepad With Pen
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Jotter Pad With Mini Pen

$0.6200 To $0.5000

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Designer Stylish Notebook Diary

$3.2600 To $2.6100

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Stylish A5 Leather Corporate Printed Notebooks
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Promotional Spiral Notebooks Translucent
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20 Sheets Pupils Notebook

$0.3300 To $0.1300

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Classic Leather Executive Notebook
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Personalised Leather Notebook

$3.0200 To $2.4200

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Leather Hardcover Business Notebook
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Spiral Bound Kraft Jotter With Pen
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Large Wire Bound Notebooks

$2.7100 To $1.5000

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Quest Pocket Jotter With Pen

$1.9300 To $1.5400

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Personalised Leather Diary

$5.2100 To $2.6300

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Custom Spiral Notebooks

$1.1300 To $0.6200

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Sticky Note with Flags

$1.2500 To $0.4800

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custom notebooks with logo

Why Are Custom Notebooks Considered Best For Branding?

Despite several technological advancements, custom notebooks still remain the utility for everyone out there. Their utility can be very well understood from the fact that it is one of the popular gift choices among corporate giveaways.

Companies choose promotional notebooks with logo as their gifts to their employees. This serves the dual purpose of promotion as well as better work relations. Therefore, bulk custom notebooks are an aspiring demand for many businesses out there.

Different Types of Custom Notebooks In Wholesale

Following are various types of custom notebooks available in different materials that are a popular choice among business entities:

personalized notebooks in bulk

These notebooks are a perfect gift idea for various events like trade expos, business conferences, seminars, etc.

Businesses prefer branded notebooks that cover their promotional aspects in a tagline or brand name. PapaChina is the platform that covers all the demands of businesses related to branded promotional products.

Benefits of Using Custom Notebooks As A Promotional Giveaway

Business giveaway events are a great way to endorse the companies through various trendy promo items. Branding done on the promo items with logo is a carrier of the company vision along with promotion.

Customized notebooks wholesale are a great option for giveaway ideas for events. PPAI reports reveal that out of 4 people, 3 on average keep the promotional product due to its utility. These notebooks are excellent companions for journaling, note-taking, education & training, & healthcare needs.

Personalized notebooks in bulk are also used by artists, designers, and writers as sketchbooks, travel journals, recipe books, motivational notebooks, and more.

promotional notebooks China

Wholesale Custom Notebooks As Trade Show or Event Giveaways

Personalized notebooks in bulk are a great promotional strategy as it is a cost-effective utilitarian product. It is a popular promotional giveaway product for tradeshows, seminars, conventions, product launches, webinars, corporate events, and other marketing campaigns.

Many businesses procure corporate gifts from reliable China wholesale suppliers to promote their business globally. And, PapaChina, being one of the leading suppliers, offers custom notebooks in bulk at affordable prices.

And what makes wholesale notebooks a utility? It is that office supply that is most relevant to an employee. Whether taking notes during a meeting, jotting personal thoughts about anything, or keeping records, a notebook helps it all.

Along with it, the following office supplies can also be considered as promotional gifting ideas:

Printing Techniques Used For Custom Printed Notebooks In Wholesale

Mainly 4 techniques are preferred for wholesale custom notebooks:

  • Screen printing
  • Digital printing
  • Embossing
  • Debossing

These 4 methods help in the branding or promotion of the notebooks as per your requirements. Also, custom printed notebooks at wholesale prices are always counted on a cost-effective side rather than being costlier.

Moreover, different colors for different personalized notebooks in bulk are also available at PapaChina.

wholesale notebooks with logo

Why Choose PapaChina For Bulk Personalized Notebooks?

PapaChina, a leading China wholesale supplier, offers cheap promo items with attention to detail and demand. Custom notebooks wholesale with the best available options are available on our platform. We, as a wholesale supplier, easily cover the needs of bulk personalized notebooks at affordable prices.

Wholesale dropshipping from China is used to make available cheap custom notebooks along with many other types. And business houses offer unique promo giveaways of these products to convert their potential viewers into buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can get a free digital copy of your custom notebook's design. We have a Virtual Digital Sample option for it. Simply send us an image of the product you want, a color that will suit it best, and a file with your design, we'll take care of the rest for you. Once our graphics team has created a digital proof, it'll be emailed to you for further approval.

Journals are used for personal writing and notebooks for the organization. Journals are often a place to write about intimate, private matters such as feelings or self-reflection that would be too sensitive to share with others. Whereas custom notebooks of China can be more general in use for making notes, work projects, organizational purposes like jotting the lists of errands.

Personalized notebooks make wonderful promotional gifts since they can be utilized for a variety of events and campaigns. These can be distributed at educational fairs and presentations, as well as at promotional events, conferences, and as presents to clients. This increases sales since clients will get more than they asked for, and the durability ensures that your promotional present will last longer. PapaChina, being one of the most sought-after notebook wholesale suppliers in the industry, offers these items in bulk with appropriate customized help.

Yes, they can be made to order. You must choose the model number of the notebook from our website or share a photo of it from another source, as well as the design or logo that you want to be imprinted on it, and we will simply personalize it using your information. We'll show you the mockup and make adjustments based on your specifications. Everything from the cover to the pages can be modified to your liking. You can readily procure your set of custom notebooks at wholesale prices and further your business antics.
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