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Product Sampling

Sample Review: The best way to have high-quality in the final production output is to review the samples before the mass production of your order.

Sample Options: We have different sample options to make the sampling process easy for you. Our sample options include virtual proof sample, blank product samples, video samples, and imprinted branded samples.

  • Virtual Sample: If you are ordering branded products with your logo or private label products, we will make the virtual proof available with your logo digitally applied on the product of package for your review and approval. This saves time and it’s also totally FREE and at no cost to you. We have a full in-house art department that focuses on virtual proofing and other digital artwork-related projects for customers. Once approved, you can place your order. All virtual samples take 10-30 minutes to be created.
  • Blank Sample: this is a process that requires that you pay a very low cost for a product physical sample with shipping cost directly to you. Wherever you are in the world, the sample will be shipped to you. Blank samples come in 100% the same product model but will be in any stock color. It can be branded with any logo or unbranded. If you want a blank sample, it takes one week to process.
  • Imprinted Branded Sample: these are physical samples of the actual product that you want to order. You will be required to pay for the product logo setup and shipping. We will brand the product according to your customization request and with the product in your specific requested color. This process takes between 1-2 weeks, depending on the customization and we ship directly to your location.

Sample Shipping: All product samples are shipped through DHL, FedEx, UPS, or TNT Express service. We can also group product samples together, which means you can buy different products and we will ship them together to your location.

Sample Quality Check: We always perform quality control to avoid sample defects before shipping your samples to you.

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