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Promotional Towels and Custom Beach Towels Bulk

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Personalized beach towels are incredibly versatile as promotional products. Purchasing custom beach towels in bulk is extremely affordable & cost-efficient. The more towels you order, the less it costs you per towel. Promotional towels with printed logos are available in a variety of colors and can be coordinated with any marketing strategy. Get the desired set today!

Cotton Face Towel

$1.6700 To $1.3300

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Face & Sport Cotton Towel

$2.5000 To $1.1700

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Workout Pretty Cotton Towel

$2.2900 To $1.8300

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Personalized Beach Towels

$6.2500 To $4.5000

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custom beach towels wholesale

Why Custom Logo Beach Towels Are Perfect For Brand Promotion

Beach towels unfold as versatile everyday luxuries with undeniable utility. From the comforting touch of a quality cotton face towel to serving as a reliable workout companion with sweat-absorbing features, these towels seamlessly integrate into daily routines.

“Towels are a ‘one size fits all’ solution that makes a perfect gift for any group since you don’t have to worry about size concerns.”

Businesses can use these custom beach towels with logo, as they will become a powerful tool for branding after logo imprinting. Moreover, these promotional towels at wholesale prices will align seamlessly with your marketing budget.

Benefits Of Custom Beach Towels In Bulk

Did you know, that customers who receive promotional products are 75% more likely to buy from you again? Our custom printed beach towels in wholesale offer several benefits:

  • Brand Visibility: Custom logo beach towels showcase your logo prominently, increasing brand visibility in diverse settings.
  • Versatile Usage: These unique promo items are used beyond the beach, ensuring continuous exposure to various daily activities.
  • Memorable Giveaways: These wholesale beach towels from China serve as memorable promotional giveaways at events, leaving a lasting impression on recipients.
  • Cost-Effective Marketing: Custom beach towels in wholesale offer a cost-effective marketing solution for businesses of all sizes.
custom beach towels bulk

Customization Techniques For Printed Beach Towels In Wholesale

Being one of the top custom beach towel manufacturers, we customize these inexpensive promo items as per your brand aesthetics. Towels offer the largest imprinting area, giving more options for personalization and making it the best promotional product with logo. For our wholesale printed beach towels, we use various printing techniques to make them the best branded promotional items. Some of the most preferred are:

  • Screen printing
  • Embroidery

Also, we provide various sizes, colors, and patterns for your bulk personalized beach towels as per your needs. Moreover, we are a prominent wholesale beach towels supplier, thereby ensuring all your requirements get fulfilled at affordable prices.

personalized beach towels China

Different Types Of Promotional Beach Towels

Our beach towel factory in China offers soft fabric towels suitable for multiple occasions. We have an assortment of beach towels of different colors, designs, and sizes. Being a customized beach towels supplier, we offer high-quality branded towels at competitive prices.

  • Cotton Face Towel: These soft towels become an essential part of your customer's daily routine.
  • Sport Rally Towel: Not just an accessory, these towels become a symbol of team spirit.
  • Flag Bath Towel: Beyond their practical use, these towels add a touch of patriotism to your customer's daily routine.
  • Microfiber Golf Towel: These lightweight and quick-drying travel essential combines functionality with space-saving design.
  • Sweat Absorbing Outdoor Towel: Whether hitting the gym or engaging in outdoor activities, these towels keep you dry and comfortable.
  • Along with these, we offer bulk athletic towels with pouches and many other options as per your needs.

Personalized Beach Towels In Bulk For Business Events

Wholesale beach towels with logo steal the spotlight at events, making them perfect as trendy promotional giveaways. Some of the popular event giveaway ideas to utilize these customizable beach towels are:

  • Corporate giveaways: Handing Wholesale towels with logo at corporate giveaways ensures brand showcase. It will not only give your employees memories but also a useful item that keeps your message alive long after the giveaway concludes.
  • Tradeshow giveaways: Increase brand visibility and customer engagement with these promotional beach towels with logo. They are practical, memorable, and effective tools for brand promotion.
custom beach towels with logo

Why Choose Papachina For Promotional Towels In Wholesale

We, as a leading China wholesale supplier, offer cost-effective, customized towels in bulk, ensuring that your marketing budget doesn’t go the extra mile. Our custom wholesale towels add a personal touch to your promotional strategy. Your brand will showcase with every dip in the ocean or pool, reinforcing your business identity effortlessly. Practical and stylish, these beach towels with company logo engage customers, fostering a positive association with your brand.

Moreover, we, as the best beach towel supplier from China, deliver excellence with every order. So, opt for these promotional beach towels and unlock their potential in making your brand the talk of the town.

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