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Custom Temporary Tattoos Wholesale Manufacturer

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A custom temporary tattoo makes a fabulous gift for many occasions. You can continuously view new ideas & choose new designs. Imprinting your own branded tattoos can be great for campaigns, rallies, product launches, store openings, book signing, concerts, parades, private events, etc. Anyone could have them on to further several advertising efforts. Browse our site to procure temporary tattoos at wholesale prices & further your promotional efforts!

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 Custom Temporary Tattoos Manufacturer

How Custom Temporary Tattoos Elevate Your Branding Game?

Custom temporary tattoos are more than just fun novelties; they're powerful tools to engage your audience and leave an indelible imprint.

These tattoos are versatile and engaging for a variety of purposes. In promotional events and marketing campaigns, they offer a cost-effective and attention-grabbing means of showcasing logos and messages. These playful keepsakes are also a must-have for events of any size, adding a unique touch that won't be forgotten.

Do you know, as per the 2018 poll, over one-third of the group who were aged 25-29 years old had tattoos printed?

Whether fostering team spirit or enhancing brand promotions, these cheap custom temporary tattoos offer a dynamic and adaptable medium for creative expression.

Advantages Of Personalized Temporary Tattoos For Businesses

Custom temporary tattoos are cost-effective items providing high returns as trending promo products. Here’s how:

  • Cost-Effective and Eye-Catching: Customized temporary tattoos in bulk are affordable yet attention-grabbing cheap promo items. This makes them a budget-friendly choice for small and large businesses alike.
  • Customization Options: Our custom logo temporary tattoos can be personalized with your logo, branding, or any design you choose. This level of customization allows you to create a unique and memorable promotional item.
  • Broad Reach: Custom semi permanent tattoos have gained popularity among people of all ages. With their widespread appeal, you can target a broad demographic with promotional tattoos.
customized temporary tattoos in bulk

Customization Features For Promotional Temporary Tattoos

As a custom temporary tattoos manufacturer, we empower you to explore a vast array of customizable options. Our offerings extend beyond traditional designs for custom temporary tattoos in bulk, which can be particularly appealing for your audience's attention. Apart from this, we also offer an array of printing techniques for these logo imprinted promotional products. Among these, businesses can opt for the most widely used screen printing technique for their printed temporary tattoos.

But, the best custom temporary tattoos should not only be visually appealing but also safe for the skin. We take the utmost care in ensuring that their products meet stringent quality standards so you can confidently use them as a promotional tool.

custom logo temporary tattoos

Different Types Of Temporary Tattoos With Logo

There are several designs and types of custom temporary tattoos in wholesale available. Some of them are:

How Businesses Can Utilise Bulk Tattoos For Promotion?

Our Wholesale temporary tattoos with logo offer a unique and unexpected choice as unique promotional giveaways. For instance:

  • Virtual Event Giveaways: In the age of virtual events, these tattoos can make your brand stand out even in the digital realm. When attendees receive a package of custom giveaway items, it connects them with your brand.
  • Tradeshow Giveaway Ideas: Trade expos are excellent opportunities for brand exposure. Offering custom temporary tattoos at your booth can draw potential clients in and be an effective ice-breaker.

Moreover, According to the PPAI 2023 survey, 73% of people are more likely to consider buying from a business that offers them promotional products they keep.

wholesale temporary tattoos China

Bulk Order For Wholesale Temporary Tattoos From China

PapaChina as a prominent China wholesale supplier, understands the importance of a hassle-free ordering process. We offer you the convenience of ordering custom temporary tattoos in wholesale with your business's logo, ensuring that the process is smooth and efficient. These wholesale temporary tattoos from China not only save you money but also ensure quick and reliable delivery.

You can also use these Custom temporary tattoos for product promotion to achieve brand recognitihon as well as boost customer engagement.

So, take advantage of this opportunity and order custom temporary tattoos in bulk today to see your business transform.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can accept your custom temporary tattoo designs in any format, be it, jpeg, png, pdf, ai, eps, psd, tif, tiff, word file and more. We have a professional art department that will review and adapt your design to the typeface of your choice at no charge.

Send anything you have; we should be able to work with it. Your artwork will be handled directly by a member of our Art Department. Our skilled art department can work on any quality and size, resizing as and when needed.

The average production time for temporary tattoos of China is around 2 weeks, and air shipment takes about 3 to 4 days. This can, however, vary depending on the complexity of your order, the amount of customized branding you desire, and the number of wholesale temporary tattoos you purchase. This way, you can plan ahead of time and know when to make your order to assure that you receive your set of personalized temporary tattoos on time.

Yes, you can request a sample of custom temporary tattoos before placing your final order. When you see a product you like, click "Enquiry & Order Now" to inquire. Next, e-mail us your design, we will provide you an estimate that includes shipping to ensure you are satisfied with the product pricing, and then our expert art department will digitally showcase your personalized temporary tattoos and submit them to you for your evaluation and approval.

At the very least, the sum computed for imprinting your own branded tattoos will cover all of your direct and indirect charges. The ultimate price will be determined by the number of units (QUANTITY) of this particular SHAPE or DESIGN that we are currently making, as well as the LOGO(s) that will be utilized for printing purposes (unless otherwise specified).

As long as your order is not too far along in the processing, you may typically cancel or change it as soon as it is placed. If you don't see a cancel option, it means your order has proceeded too far and you must file a cancellation request. For example, if you buy Temporary Tattoos at Wholesale Prices, you can change or cancel your order before it is processed. Any changes or revisions will be impossible after the production process takes place.

Yes, we deliver to any country across the globe. When placing your order for wholesale temporary tattoos, just modify the shipping country name. Enter the country location you want to deliver your set of customized temporary tattoos to, select your preferred payment option, and diligently place your order at the checkout.

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