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A custom temporary tattoo makes a fabulous gift for many occasions. You can continuously view new ideas & choose new designs. Imprinting your own branded tattoos can be great for campaigns, rallies, product launches, store openings, book signing, concerts, parades, private events, etc. Anyone could have them on to further several advertising efforts. Browse our site to procure temporary tattoos at wholesale prices & further your promotional efforts!

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One of the best benefits of getting a custom temporary tattoo is that you can easily express yourself creatively as well as experiment with varied designs. You will not be inconvenienced by these promotional products because they may supply a new decoration to your body. You also have the option of changing the location and design of custom temporary tattoos. You don't have to stick to one tattoo style.

Furthermore, with these China temporary tattoos, your body art could alter with your style, passions, or personality. These temporary tattoos will be a convenient option for children. They wash off easily, and your child's style could alter from week to week. These products are ideal for individuals who just wish to have some fun with their physical attributes. They are useful for self-expression, brand identification, and advertising.

Even though you know a temporary tattoo can be hidden away, it's a fun way to be incredibly brave and inane. All you have to do now is get them embossed with your company's requirements. These types of logo-printed customized temporary tattoo may be distributed at a variety of company exhibitions. This will almost certainly increase product awareness and familiarity. It will not only assist you in introducing your business to the public, but it will also help you create their allegiance towards your brand. You will not only establish your brand as an entity, but you will also outline your market attribute.

Acquiring these custom temporary tattoos at wholesale prices is one of the safest ways of gathering and improving user-generated content. When clients first view your products, they may be wary of your company's credibility, but as you witness the success of your brand, you will want to equate your products and increase your faith in what you provide. If you want to buy wholesale temporary tattoos, you can reach out to us and browse through our collection!

Frequently Asked Questions

We can accept your custom temporary tattoo designs in any format, be it, jpeg, png, pdf, ai, eps, psd, tif, tiff, word file and more. We have a professional art department that will review and adapt your design to the typeface of your choice at no charge.

Send anything you have; we should be able to work with it. Your artwork will be handled directly by a member of our Art Department. Our skilled art department can work on any quality and size, resizing as and when needed.

The average production time for temporary tattoos of China is around 2 weeks, and air shipment takes about 3 to 4 days. This can, however, vary depending on the complexity of your order, the amount of customized branding you desire, and the number of wholesale temporary tattoos you purchase. This way, you can plan ahead of time and know when to make your order to assure that you receive your set of personalized temporary tattoos on time.

Yes, you can request a sample of custom temporary tattoos before placing your final order. When you see a product you like, click "Enquiry & Order Now" to inquire. Next, e-mail us your design, we will provide you an estimate that includes shipping to ensure you are satisfied with the product pricing, and then our expert art department will digitally showcase your personalized temporary tattoos and submit them to you for your evaluation and approval.

At the very least, the sum computed for imprinting your own branded tattoos will cover all of your direct and indirect charges. The ultimate price will be determined by the number of units (QUANTITY) of this particular SHAPE or DESIGN that we are currently making, as well as the LOGO(s) that will be utilized for printing purposes (unless otherwise specified).

As long as your order is not too far along in the processing, you may typically cancel or change it as soon as it is placed. If you don't see a cancel option, it means your order has proceeded too far and you must file a cancellation request. For example, if you buy Temporary Tattoos at Wholesale Prices, you can change or cancel your order before it is processed. Any changes or revisions will be impossible after the production process takes place.

Yes, we deliver to any country across the globe. When placing your order for wholesale temporary tattoos, just modify the shipping country name. Enter the country location you want to deliver your set of customized temporary tattoos to, select your preferred payment option, and diligently place your order at the checkout.

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