New Year Gifts for Employees for 2024: 5 Categories and 11+ Products to Wow Your Employees

As the new year approaches, it’s time to welcome and celebrate the zest of the new beginning ahead. And what can be better than new year gifts for employees that go beyond the material value & symbolize recognition.

Are you wondering what could possibly be the best new year gifts for employees in 2024? Then, this blog will benefit you the most.

From personalized gifts and tech gadgets to self-care & company swag items, we have covered everything to make your employees feel valued & stay motivated.

Best New Year Gifts For Employees For 2024

Corporate new year employee gifts allow companies to cater to the unique interests, passions, and needs of their workforce.

When gifts are personalized to align with specific niches, employees truly feel valued and loved.

Like many others, New Year Gifts for Employees is also a brilliant way to boost brand marketing & visibility.

Below are a few top new year employee gifts for 2024 to check out:

Apparel and Bags

Personalized apparel and bags are amazing items to incorporate in new year gifts for employees. These products offer practicality, brand visibility, and also a sense of belonging.

Apparel and Bags new year gifts for employees 2024

Some of the suitable apparel and bags for new year gift items are as follows:

Sweatshirts and Hoodies as New Year Gifts

Personalized sweatshirts and hoodies are versatile clothing options that build team spirit and create a sense of belonging among employees.

Made with cozy & comfortable fabric, these personalized gifts can be imprinted with brand names, logos, images, mission taglines, & even contact information.

These custom hoodies and sweatshirts are amazing new year gift ideas for employees.

Professionals wear these during casual outings, weekends at the office, and even in brand promotional activities.

Why Do We Suggest Sweatshirts & Hoodies as New Year Gifts for 2024?
  • Comfortable and Stylish
  • Varied Customization Options
  • Versatile For Everyday wear

Lunch Bags as New Year Giveaways

Lunch boxes are thoughtful gifts that encourage employees to follow healthier eating habits.

Whether lunchtime or 4 pm snack time, these are versatile and eco-friendly new year gifts for employees that keep employees fuller & happier.

Made with eco-friendly materials, branded lunch boxes promote green & sustainable marketing.

Companies promote their businesses by branding these custom lunch boxes with company names, logos, a creative message & contact information.

Is Lunch Box A Good Gift for New Year?
  • Promote Healthy Habits
  • Adds A Personal Touch
  • Cost-Effective Gift Option
  • Practical & Versatile


Drinkware such as water bottles, branded tumblers & coffee mugs are the best new year gifts for employees.

These boost branding & keep your employees hydrated. These are go-to options at home, during commutes, at the office, during short trips & in other settings.

Some of the suitable promotional drinkware for new year gift items are as follows:

Drinkware new year gifts for employees 2024

Custom Water Bottles as New Year Giveaways

High-quality and attractive custom water bottles are excellent companions at the workplace, gyms, picnics, beach trips, & schools & the list is endless.

Businesses give BPA-free water bottles (sustainable) to their employees to keep them hydrated & promote brand exposure.

Why Do We Recommend Water Bottles among Top New Year Giveaways?

Water bottles are high-impact custom promotional items that instantly grab the attention of people around. According to ASI Global Impression Report, promotional drinkware generates 1400 impressions in its lifetime.

Custom Ceramic Cups & Coffee Mugs

Offering personalized coffee mugs and ceramic cups demonstrates hard work & dedication at the workplace.

These are one of the best new year gift ideas for employees. These are eco-friendly alternatives to disposable cups, reducing plastic waste.

When employees use logoed coffee mugs on office desks or at home, it reinforces the brand image.

Why Do Employees Love Receiving Coffee Mugs as New Year Gifts?

There are many reasons why custom coffee mugs are the ideal choice for many –

  • Long-lasting & practical
  • Imprint With A Personal Message or Motivational Quote
  • East To Carry Everywhere
  • Classic & Timeless

Outdoor and Leisure

Businesses consider these items as the most well-received happy new year gifts for 2024.

These seamlessly connect with their target audience & build brand image. These are carefully selected to resonate with one’s leisure & outdoor activities.

Eye-catching promo outdoor gifts often find their way to social media platforms where users posts wearing or holding their promo item.

Outdoor and Leisure new year gifts for employees 2024

Some of these new year giveaway items are as follows:

Custom Blankets as New Year Gifts for Employees

These practical and durable items are for year-round use. Custom blankets have ample options for branding like color, designs, & logo placements, allowing brands to flaunt their ideas.

These are gender-neutral gifts that are ideal for both men and women, keeping them warm & cozy at home & office.

Why Do Employees Love Blankets as New Year Gifts?
  • Great For Remote Work
  • Wide Appeal For All Ages & Backgrounds
  • Big on Brand Visibility
  • Comfortable & long-lasting

These Blankets can also be given as Christmas Gifts to Employees.

Personalized Sunglasses as New Year Giveaways

Sunglasses are summer promo items and a stylish accessory to gift employees in the new year.

Apart from protecting the eyes from harmful UV rays, these glasses leave a lasting impression of the brand that is being promoted.

Are Sunglasses a Good Gift in New Year 2024?

Absolutely! According to ASI global survey 2022, Promotional sunglasses are among the top 10 loved new year gift ideas for employees that make an ideal swag item.

  • Practical and Trendy
  • High Visibility
  • Ideal for Travels & Casual Outings
  • Eco-friendly Options
  • High Brand Recall

Custom Umbrellas as New Year Gifts for Employees

These are highly practical gifts protecting you in rain and sun. Companies want their employees to be ever-ready for different weather conditions – that’s why they gift umbrellas.

Moreover, this custom umbrella is ideal for year-round business promotion. Big logos & stylish brand messages can grab the instant attention of thousands of audiences.

According to ASI Global Impression Report – A umbrella makes 1100 impressions in this lifetime & around 45% of U.S consumers own a promotional umbrella.

Why are Umbrellas the Best Happy New Year Gifts for 2024?

Lets’s Find out —–

  • Long-lasting gift
  • Brand longevity
  • Versatile option for different settings
  • Cost-effective promotion

Office Supplies

These are one of the most unique promo items any workplace would give its employees.

These custom office supplies are powerful, tangible, and budget-friendly marketing tools, ideal for tradeshow giveaways and promotional campaigns.

These office stationeries add a personal touch to corporate gifting, showcasing the brand details effectively.

Office Supplies Set new year gifts for employees 2024

Some of these new year giveaway items are as follows:

Custom Calendars as New Year Gifts for Employees

Logo Printed calendars are ideal for reinforcing brand identity. It is also an excellent new year gift as people rely on calendars for important dates, meetings, and events.

With various layouts & formats, such as wall calendars, desk calendars, & pocket calendars, businesses choose options that suit their needs the most.

By providing recipients with a branded calendar, businesses ensure that their brand logo and message are constantly displayed in homes and offices.

Why Are Calendars among The Top New Year Giveaways for 2024?

According to ASI Global Impressions, 62% of consumers own promotional calendars, and 52% of promo calendars are kept for one year or more.

  • Daily Brand Exposure
  • Employee Appreciation
  • Cost Effective Marketing
  • Variable Customization Options

Notebooks with Pens as Corporate Gift Sets

Notebooks with pens are popular corporate gift sets for writing down new ideas, scheduling plans & even adding notes & reminders.

Companies often incorporate brand logos, slogans, and even contact info on notebooks & pens to make them more impactful.

The versatility and cost-effectiveness of notebooks with pens make them one of the most popular & cherished happy new year gifts for 2024.

These are practical & thoughtful reminders of the brand’s presence in the recipient’s daily lives.

Why are Notebooks with Pens the Best Corporate Gift Sets?
  • Practical and Useful
  • Enhances Brand Visibility
  • Ample Space for Customization
  • Boosts Productivity

Custom Stress Balls as New Year Promotional Items

These squeezable foam-filled balls are used to relieve stress and boost brand visibility.

They come in various shapes and sizes and are creative tools for branding & marketing campaigns.

When recipients use these balls, they associate the positive experience with the brand and often start following it.

Businesses, too, get a creative space to feature their logo or a motivational tagline on these custom stress balls.

Why are Stress Balls among the Popular New Year Gift Ideas for Employees?
  • Promotes Employee Wellness
  • Creative Space For Customization
  • Cost-Effective Branding
  • Soft and East to Carry
  • Promotes a Positive Brand Image

Tech and USB

Promotional corporate tech products are trending on social media nowadays.

Apart from being practical and innovative, these accessories are great for making an impression on the recipients’ minds.

By gifting such trendy promo items, businesses foster a tech-savvy culture, inspiring creativity and efficiency in the workspace.

This new year give your employees attractive tech offerings & strengthen your bonds.

Tech and USB new year gifts for employees 2024

Some of these new year giveaway items are as follows:

Custom Earbuds as New Year Giveaways for Employees

Custom wireless earbuds are a perfect blend of convenience and brand exposure.

These stylish gadgets have a universal appeal to them, offering a premium audio experience & promoting brands everywhere. These are highly popular happy new year gifts for 2024.

With these earbuds, employees listen to music, audiobooks, and podcasts at homes, offices, and gyms.

When customized with brand logos & slogans, these promotional tech gadgets amplify marketing efforts and enhance brand recognition.

Why Do We Recommend Earbuds as the Best New Year Giveaway?
  • Effective Brand Exposure
  • Employee Retention
  • Enhances Mind Relaxation
  • Demonstrates a Tech-Savvy Image

USB Flash Drives as New Year Giveaways for Employees

Due to its high use value, recipients generally keep custom flash drives for a very long time.

These promo items are frequently used for corporate presentations, homework, university projects & other things.

The versatility of these storage devices makes them compatible with all types of computers and laptops.

Businesses often consider these flash drives as the best new year gift ideas for employees for 2024.

They can be easily customized with brand logos and brand slogans to create powerful branding.

Why Do We Recommend Flash Drives as the Top New Year Giveaway?
  • Easy To Carry (Small & Compact)
  • Easy Data Storage & Data Transfer
  • Durable & Reusable
  • High Utility Value
  • Positive Brand Recall
  • More Customization Options

The Bottom Line

Now that you got the ideas for the best new year gifts for employees for 2024, it’s time to ring in the new year with gratitude and tokens of goodwill.

All the listed products are practical and thoughtfully curated to enhance employee satisfaction.

Businesses benefit equally by distributing promotional gifts to their employees, as these promote brand awareness and leave a lasting impression on the employees’ minds.

Moreover, if you are looking for Halloween Gifts for parties, events, etc., then you can read our blog: Halloween Gift Ideas for Events.

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