Promotional Products in 2019

Top Trending Promotional Products for 2019

The New Year has just entered the doorstep, so along with new resolutions and perspective, the marketers should also think about trends in Promotional products to stand out from their competitors. It is never very early to get ready and gear up for your next year marketing plan. So, this blog consists of a list of promotional products that will be very fruitful in the year 2019. According to sales data submitted by PPAI, there has been a 5.9% increase as compared to last year. So, to keep up with the latest industry practices, the business needs to choose trending promotional products.

Here are some of the some of the trending promotional products that the marketers need to watch in 2019:-

Eco-Friendly Products:-
Nowadays most of the marketers have extended their hands towards showing their GREEN objective to their customers by distributing various useful eco-friendly products. The promotional eco-friendly products are used by the business organizations so that its uses causes no harm to the environment. There are various eco-friendly products such as reusable stainless steel straws, water bottles, bags, paper cups, bamboo lanyards, Wooden USB flash drive, etc. So, the distribution of the eco-friendly products by the marketers not only portray their GREEN objective, but it also depicts their goal towards green and clean Earth.

Eco-friendly products

Wireless Technology Products:-
Life has changed drastically with the emerging wireless technology and has made human life faster. With the help of wireless technology, people can move here and there without the entanglement of wires. So, most of the business organizations choose various wireless technology products such as wireless charging pad, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, earbuds, wireless mouse, power bank, etc. to distribute among their their customers to attract them towards their brand with these powerful and useful wireless technology products.

Wireless technology products

Health and Fitness Products:-
It is very important to lead a happy and healthy life for every human being. So, most of the leading companies and the startups are extending their hands towards handing out health and fitness products to show their care and generosity to their customers. Hence, various items such as waist bags, sports bottles, stress reliever, armband, hand sanitizer, pill box, golf accessories, face towels, caps, etc. have become the ideal giveaways among the corporates and trending items in the health and fitness sector.

Health and fitness products

Daily-use promotional products:-
When you give out the promotional products, your primary aim is to capture the attention of your target audience. You automatically send your promotional message to your customers through your brand name imprinted on the products. There are many products that are used every day, but some of the products which are mostly used by organizations to increase the productivity of their business are Keychains, stress balls, bags, lip balms, pens, t-shirts, power bank, USB flash drives, etc.

Daily use promotional products

Promotional Products changes from year to year to appeal the customers and most of the business organizations usually choose useful products which are aesthetically appealing as well, that is they have unique colors and patterns which can easily grab the attention of the customers and make their brand stand out in the market.

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