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  1. PopSocket phone stand
  2. Phone Wallet
  3. Flash drive keychain
  4. Bluetooth speaker
  5. Power Bank

Organizations of every size want to reach out more target customers and by far the most effortlessly effective means is by distributing various useful promotional products. But, in the world of digitalization, there are various tech-friendly accessories that attract the customers towards a particular brand.

With the maximum use of mobile phone, tablet, laptops and the growth of the internet has led the business organization to lean towards the tech accessories. The promotional tech accessories used by the recipients are flaunted to the people surrounding them and hence the imprinted brand name gets highlighted. So, if you are looking forward to promote your brand name, then you can choose from among the trending tech accessories-

PopSocket phone stand Let your customers grip their phone properly and take perfect selfies, watch videos, movies etc and it can be easily pop in and out.

popsocket phone stand

Phone Wallet- The recipients of this promotional phone wallet can easily keep their important cards and this slim product can be stick to the rear side of the phone, displaying the brand name.

Phone Wallet

Flash drive keychain- This 2 in 1 product will provide a dual purpose of saving the digital data in the flash drive and holding the important keys in fear of losing it.

Flash drive keychain

Bluetooth speaker Hand out the Bluetooth speakers to your customers and with the wireless technology they can refresh their mood with their favorite music.

Bluetooth speaker

Power Bank- This portable power bank will enable the user to charge their mobile phone anywhere and even when there is a power cut.

power bank

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