5 Effective Trade Shows Giveaways to Attract the Visitors

Giveaways are the most significant part attending and exhibiting at any trade shows, so it is the utmost duty of such events owners to put some time and effort in choosing and designing the right product to disseminate to the attendees present there. The freebies displayed at the booths should attract the attention of every passer-by in the events. Promotional trade show giveaways can help to increase brand awareness, attract visitors or assist in networking efforts. As a potential business owner, you can also promote your business and forge new contacts and service providers for the development of your company. Disseminating gifts creates a favorable impression, it can create goodwill, communicate a message and create awareness.

Some of the essential product that can be used for trade show giveaways are as follows-

1) T-Shirt:
T-shirts distribution in the trade shows are like icing on the cake when it comes to that events preparation. The t-shirt should look attractive and comfortable, so you must consider the durability of the t-shirts before ordering. Your company name imprinted t-shirts will act as the walking billboard when the recipients walk out of their home. It enhances their personality and will associate a feeling of your organization’s name in their memory. Every time the recipients will adorn the t shirt of your company, they will represent your label to the world.


2) Notebooks & Pens:
Although in this fully digitalized world, the paper product such as notebooks is in strong demand among every individual and they are the perfect giveaways for any trade shows as they can be customized as your specific requirements. It can be handed out to the participants present there so that they can take any important notes with the pen attached to it. By receiving these useful and fascinating products, their appreciation towards your brand will be increased and even better. They are especially popular with students, businessman or other persons if they are your target audience.

Notebook and Pen

3) USB Flash Drive:
Custom USB drives have become one of the most important choices of many far-sighted businessmen to showcase their company’s name during the trade show so that it will reach far and wide. USB flash drive is considered as one of the most practical products that are used in daily life because, in this digital life, everyone uses laptop and computer, so USB flash drive will be useful for them to transfer and copy their digital data in it. A promotional USB drive is not only a primary giveaway, but also a highly pleasing one because it is used and kept within the sight and range of your customers.

custom usb flash drive

4) Water Bottle:
Promotional water bottles are the best and healthy giveaway that are used by the promoters or business owners to showcase their brand. This product is an effective means of branding because the label of the water bottle will display your brand name, logo and other information to catch the attention of the audience present in the trade shows. A good impression is usually made within a few seconds when the bottled is handled to the customers and they can also use it to hydrate their body during sports, gym activity, or on the go.

Water Bottles

5) Keychains:
Branded keychains are the perfect source of getting favors of your customers during the trade show and it will create lasting memories of your brand name in the minds of your customers. It works in an efficient manner if you print your brand name and logo on it, your item will win the favor of the people and they will attract towards your resourceful company. When you are looking for a promotional product that will wear your company logo and name, then custom key chains are the perfect way to select. Meanwhile, your business sponsors will get greater exposure and an awesome reputation.


Hence, it can be concluded that trade show giveaways are essential to build up your company’s reputation among your target customers because they can significantly pave the way of selling your products and services by initiating interactions with the attendees present in the event. Your trade show will surely be on the verge of success, once you catch the prospect’s attention with your branded freebies.

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