Best time for Importing Christmas products from China

Christmas is celebrated all around the world with pomp and grandeur and it has great significance for every individual. So everyone gets pre-ready for the celebration, especially the traders in order to maximize profit in their business as well draw in more customers towards their brand. In order to avoid a rush, it is better to order one should pre-order at least a few months before such as in the month of August-September every year. As we all know that China is the global marketplace for traders and wholesalers all over the world in terms of quality, pricing, quick shipment etc. So, you must fill your stocks before Christmas before your target customers start browsing your products. Below given are some of the important points to be remembered while ordering products for Christmas from China-

●Estimate the delivery time It will be wiser to order before the peak time of Christmas Eve to avoid nail-biting. You can yourself estimate the delivery time 2-3 days before or after the delivery date. So, if you are in a hurry, your need of the hour should always stick to order before the event, because it is indispensable to order early so that you get the products on time and identify and replace the defective products.

●Choose the Supplier carefully You need to do a proper research on various suppliers from China before ordering a bulk amount of Christmas gifts. So it will be clever to select suppliers with years of experience and credibility in delivering their products. If you are dealing with any new supplier, then you must be clear about your expectations to them that is your need for the product from them. The communication made between them should be clear to avoid any miscommunication.

●Order products that can be manufactured quickly Sometimes your supplier have a surplus of products which are ready to go and if you are little flexible about what you sell, then you can order the already available products. You can always keep in view about those products which will be delivered quickly and cut the production time.

●Choose your shipment method You are aware of the fact about the shipment method that is through Sea and Air. Sea Shipping is chosen by most of the traders for cost-cutting, but sea shipment does take a few weeks to deliver instead of days. So, if you want a quick delivery of your desired product, then choose Air shipping which may cost little high than sea shipment.

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