GO GREEN and Stay Clean by using Stainless Steel Straw

The excessive changes in the climate and the increasing level of the plastic and its harmful effects, it’s the time we should switch to some healthier and environment-friendly alternative. Plastic contains harmful toxic BPA which affects not only human beings but also the marine life. Plastic straws are one of the most used plastic items by every individual to drink milkshakes, cocktails, smoothies, etc. In the USA 500 million straws are used every day which adds around 2.5 times of the trash and litters around the Earth. So, it is our utmost duty to extend our hands towards a clean and good environment, so instead of using harmful plastic straws, we can use Stainless steel straws, bamboo straws, and glass straws. These straws are an eco-friendly item and can be reused to enjoy our favorite drink anywhere.

stainless steel straw

Benefits of using Stainless steel Straw

There are many important listed below which states that everyone to update or switch to stainless steel straw instead of using the plastic straw-

Eco-friendly- Stainless steel straw is an environment-friendly product which saves the earth from being polluted. The stainless steel straw can be easily recycled and allow the human being to enjoy their drinks with a biodegradable item.

Easy to clean- The straws which are straight or curvy are very easy to clean with the help of a small brush. These straws are dishwasher safe and the user needs to just rinse the straw with the brush available with the packet, toss inside the dishwasher and they are done with the work. The best thing about the brush is that it is also used for cleaning sports bottles and cups as well.

Great for travel- As the stainless steel straw can be reused and made of sturdy material, the straw is the best travel companion. The user just needs to pack the straw with a cleaning brush and they are good to go.

Safe to use- The steel straws can be used safely by any individual including the kids because they are BPA free and cause no harm to human beings. But the plastic straws have been known to insert harmful chemicals to the bloodstream.

Hence, with the growing importance of the stainless steel straw, the marketers have shown interest to make their brand famous by distributing their brand name and logo imprinted promotional stainless straw to their potential and existing clients. Especially, the hotel and cafe, restaurant owners often hand out their brand name imprinted steen straw to the customers visiting their restaurants. This marketing strategy is crucial to draw in the customers to their brand for years. The straw is big enough to imprint your brand name and logo in it.

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